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March 24, 2023 

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See the Hagglunds Bv206 in action !

Specialist Plant Solutionís fleet of Hagglunds Bv206 Tracked Utility Vehicles provide a very simple and cost effective transport solution for moving materials, equipment and personnel to locations away from roads and tracks.

Tracked vehicle
BV206 and Trailer

The Hagglunds Bv206 TUV eliminates the need to build access roads or bridges in open country. Being fully amphibious, you can cross rivers, streams, marshes and peat bogs to access work areas. With a ground pressure of only 8 PSI, the BV206 TUV is ideal for accessing sensitive and fragile habitats in lowland and upland areas.

The Hagglunds Bv206 TUV is capable of traversing a 100% incline and the most arduous of terrain with minimal damage to surfaces, originally developed for military use in adverse climate, combat and rough terrain situations, the units have been modified for general utility use.


Sample Applications

  • Rescue
  • Woodland maintainence
  • Footpath repair
  • Drain and Sewer Maintainence
  • Fencing and Walling repair
  • Riverbank and culvert repair
  • Coastal repairs
  • Construction and materials delivery
  • Off road driving events
BV206 in quarry BV206 in water
BV206 traversing

A Specifically designed range of Cargo Bay assemblies have been developed, these include :-

  • High Pressure Water Jetting (HPWJ) Sewer or Culvert cleaning unit.
  • Sewer or Culvert over pumping unit.
  • Tipper body for materials transport, (Payload 2500kgs).
  • Drop side payload bay (Payload 2500Kgs).
  • HPWJ precision root cutting unit, a CCTV system can be fitted in crew cab.
  • The rear Cargo Bay can carry various units depending on your applications.


The TUVís are licensed for highway use and can be driven on public roads by anyone who holds a standard car licence, subject to standard CPA terms and conditions, this is a truly versatile off road maintenance unit.


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