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May 26, 2022 


Do you need to get to the middle of nowhere?

Your 4x4 will create ugly wheel ruts and get stuck,

Your quad & trailer are just too small to tackle the job quickly enough,

You donít have time to organise enough manpower for manual labour

A helicopter would be ideal but too expensive and weather-dependant

Donít worry!

Our self-drive HIRE FLEET of Ď4-track-driveí articulated TUVs are ideal for countryside management/surveying, livestock/deer management, moorland firefighting, mountain rescue, footpath maintenance, dry-stone walling, fencing, utilities operations, hunting, forestry and recreation. (minimum hire period is 1 day)

TUVs can safely carry 4 people a large payload (max. 2500kg), and tow up to an extra 2500kg in any weather from A all the way to B across;

moorland, bog, ditches, rivers, steep terrain, mud, sand&snow.

Damage to the running surface flora and fauna is minimal compared with conventional 4x4s/ATVs ... the ground pressure exerted by the extra-wide tracks is less than half a human footprint!

High load capacity + light footprint + no capital outlay

= Fewer trips + minimal environmental damage + lower cost

Unlike most tracked vehicles our TUVs steer via a flexible central link, they have a steering wheel and an automatic transmission making them easy  to operate so thereís no need to hire a driver!  Our TUVs have rubber tracks and can be driven legally on public highways at speeds of up to 52km/h by anyone with a normal car driving licence.

All of our TUVs have NATO towing hooks facilitating towed loads of up to 2500kg (eg.compressors, trailers, mobile pumps..etc) behind the rear units wherever terrain permits. A sturdy front or rear mounted electric winch can be supplied if required. Our TUVs can be currently supplied in various formats, including drop-side or flat-bed. A high pressure water unit is also available and we will even consider bespoke modifications.


To hire call 07879 442909 or contact sales NOW !

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